Why Coffee With Shay?

A little insight as to why I started Coffee With Shay

First off, coffee is amazing. It got me through both undergrad and grad school. Soy vanilla lattes with the occasional soy caramel frappacino with extra caramel drizzle. Coffee gives me life! Caffeine, I must admit, is a necessity. In the least, my daily routine consists of green or jasmine tea (less sugar does the body good).

Being that coffee is amazing, I naturally love to check out new coffee shops around town. I am not one to follow a routine nor am I one to be a regular at the same coffee shop every morning. Exploring the newest cafes is a hobby. There is something inspiring about coffee shops – each one is different. Unique in its own sense – the people, decor, coffee, and feeling as a whole. (Kind of like each person featured on Coffee With Shay right?)

As busy as my schedule is (really, everyone’s schedule is crazy nowadays), I found myself filling every free moment I had at different coffee shops. A few ways I found myself spending my time at these coffee shops:

  • Catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, especially after I spent four years away for school and then disappeared into the depths of a Master’s thesis.
  • Having creative meetings and brainstorming endless ideas and possibilities with the many creative individuals I know.
  • Getting work done, both for school and for my own personal business and freelance work.
  • Last but not least, taking a moment to escape the craziness of life to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee to myself – whilst taking photos of every angle one can get of a coffee cup.

“Let’s have coffee.”  Casual or professional, it’s a great way to meet a friend, colleague, or client.  I came to the realization that I was having coffee every week with someone new.  More so, everyone I met with was inspiring.  Sipping coffee and discussing their story – how they got to where they are, what they are up to now, the changes they are making in their community, and the projects they have coming up.  I was continuously inspired by everyone I would meet – even friends that I met with every month.  Always inspired.  

Driving home one day, it hit me.  Like a balloon being popped in my face, the light bulb lit up.  Share these stories.  The opportunity and resources were at my fingertips.  If I am inspired, why wouldn’t others be inspired as well.  A handful of individuals I ask to feature on Coffee With Shay do not consider themselves change-makers.  But I can see the changes they are making in the world, big or small.  

Everyone has an inspiring story.  I want to share these stories.  

Growing up I always said, “I am going to change the world.” People would laugh at that little girl who had big dreams. But, I still believe this statement. I believe we all can change the world – to make it better. A small change, is still change.

Whether you realize it or not, we are all making an impact on our community, good or bad.  In reading Coffee With Shay, I hope you will be inspired to be an agent for change – to make a positive impact on your community and on our world.  

So… let’s have coffee!