Coffee Mug Shopping

Anyone else have a coffee mug collection that some how seems to magically grow? I say, you can never have too many coffee mugs in the cupboard. After all, it is something you use on the daily. A coffee mug can tell a lot about a person – a symbol of their personality perhaps?

There’s something about coffee mug shopping – either strolling through the aisles of a store or roaming the internet. To say I had fun curating my favorites is an understatement. Here are ten coffee mugs that I found on Society6. Society6 is an online marketplace that supports independent artists. Artists upload their work and customers can purchase over 30 different types of lifestyle items that feature the artist’s work.

Currently, all ten coffee mugs are in my cart. I have yet to decide which ones to get – the most challenging decision I have to make all week.

Which ones are your favorites? What does your everyday coffee mug look like?