Coffee Thoughts on Instagram

Instagram is omnipresent. Social media as a whole has shaped the behaviors and norms of today’s society. The desire to create the best possible content is a driving force in what people do and how people do things.

Take the travel industry – a prime example. We now have easier access to information and visuals of beautiful destinations around the world. Instagram has sparked a craving for adventure of the most scenic and photogenic places. Why travel to a location if there’s no cool attraction with which to take a selfie, right? It’s all done for the ‘gram, or so they say.

With the rise of social influencers, came the rise in content we consume. Much of this content features the most exotic resorts and travel destinations – many of which are not easily obtainable for the everyday wallet. For this very reason, I challenge you to rediscover your own backyard. With a growing sense of wanderlust, are we not guilty of forgetting the beauty that our own home has to offer? I know I am. While exploring such distant settings is a perfectly valid goal, perhaps for now we can start smaller. Enjoy the present moment and appreciate our home.

Instead of spending the weekend watching Netflix, roam around. Take your phone or camera with you on a walk – in the city, mountains, beach, or anywhere that catches your eye. Remember, both phone and camera are equally powerful content-creating devices. The fanciest camera is not necessary to capture the beauty you see. You needn’t anything more than your imagination and creativity (and a fully charged battery).

I can’t wait to see all that you share on Instagram. Happy explorations!