Happy 2020!

Hi my friends!

Welcome to 2020! ..It’s been a minute.

I last updated Coffee With Shay in September 2019. I know.. the 30 Days of Coffee With Shay was abruptly cut short. But life happens. We can all relate, right?

Now, we enter a new year and a new decade. How exciting! Can we all agree this will be our best year yet? I think so!

Even more exciting, the back log of Coffee With Shay is finally starting to make its way into the light.

Be excited to be inspired. A fun line up of change-makers are coming soon to a digital screen near you.

Also, let’s take a quick moment to reflect.. What’s a new year without a little self reflection?

Who inspires you? No seriously, think about the individuals that inspire you every day. Do they know you are inspired by them? If the answer is no, let them know. If you think they already know, remind them anyway! Especially with social media, there is no way to know who is really following you – and I don’t mean literally following your accounts. I mean, following what is happening in your life and inspired by what you’re doing. You, yourself, are inspirational. The odds are, you’re inspiring someone without even realizing it. Keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep being your amazing self.

So, to recap.. Don’t forget to let those individuals know that you are inspired by them – I’m sure they’ll be both flattered and appreciative (but don’t be creepy about it, duh). And, don’t forget to continue to shine your positive light to the world – you are an inspiration.

With a latte love, Shay ❤